MCU has a fantastic way to begin the year together…

The MCU ‘Launch Party’

…and you are invited!

Saturday 28th Feb. 

(the Saturday immediately after O-Week) 

Everyone gets together for our Launch Party to kick off the MCU year! 1st years get a chance to meet other 1st years as well as the returning students (the ’old-timers’!) of MCU. You’ll make lots of new Christian friends to start the uni year. The returning students get to catch up with each other again after the break. ’The Village people’ get to meet ’the locals’ and the locals get to meet and welcome those who are new to Australia, Perth and Murdoch.  

Details: 6:00 pm - Contact us for more details.

There is no better way to launch 2015 at Murdoch.
Come and join us.
Everyone is welcome (bring a friend too!)

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