Movie Nights

MCU ‘Movie Appreciation Nights’ (as Steve likes to call them) are designed to demonstrate that there is far more to movie making than special effects, explosions, or Hollywood ‘heart-throbs’.

There are ‘disposable’ movies made for mass consumption, and there are ‘classics’. These nights are designed to enhance (or initiate) your appreciation of great movies. Think, be moved, get angry, cry. Learn to appreciate great acting, direction, photography, and scripts. Appreciate the subtle dimensions of a movie. Appreciate movie making as ‘art’. If you’re an Arts student, we already know you’re interested! If you’re studying Engineering, come along and open up ‘the arts student within’! Give the left side of your brain a rest and liberate the right side!

We also want to discuss movies from a Christian perspective. Movies are a great medium to explore some major themes of life, and many of them express the yearnings of a world lost from God. The gospel has a lot to say to contemporary culture, and movies express culture often in a very powerful way.

Everyone is welcome.
Always guaranteed to be 5-star events.
Stay tuned for future screenings.