As Crusty the Clown has Sideshow Bob and Batman has Robin, so MCU has ‘Staffworkers’! Staffworkers are here to help us at MCU. They are like ‘Visiting Chaplains’.

In Biblical terms, Ephesians 4:11-12 is where they come in! They are here to help us students to be equipped to do the work of ministry at Murdoch University. We are partners together. MCU invites them to help us, mentor us, pastorally care for us, train us, support us, encourage us to stand strong as Christians at uni and to reach out to our campus. They are resources for MCU to use.

Staffworkers are not paid by any denomination or church. Rather, individuals, friends and graduates financially support them by giving through AFES ( so that they can be on campus with us. It is so good to have Bible-College trained Staffworkers/Chaplains helping us day by day.


Steve McKerney has been our very own full-time Staffworker/Chaplain almost since the turn of the century! We invite Steve to do most of the Bible teaching in our Common Time, arranges guest speakers and train us in things like how to explain Christianity to other people, how to prepare a Bible study, etc. His brain regularly gets rummaged as he is asked ‘all questions great and small’. He became a Christian at the age of 23 after reading Luke’s gospel and investigating the claims of Jesus in the Bible. Ever since becoming a Christian, Steve has wanted to help other people understand the good news. Steve is married to Melinda and have 4 sons. He really enjoys a Thai Green Curry, soccer, movies, music, photography, technology and fonts (but not Times New Roman or Arial!).


Celeste Boska studied English and Creative Writing at Murdoch in the early 2000’s and was the MCU Committee Secretary before working for a few years and then going to Bible College for 3 years. She was, and probably still is, the MCU ‘Boggle Champion’ and is generally very excellent with words! She is married to John and has a young son. As a ‘bookie’ Celeste knows that ‘the best book to read is the Bible’ and wants to do that with the girls of MCU and girls at Murdoch who aren’t yet Christians. Celeste works part-time.


Saleh grew up in the Middle East and moved to Australia as a student as a young man. Searching for a meaningful relationship with God, he became a Christian at 24 after investigating Jesus’ claim to be “the way and the truth and the life”. He is excited about meeting with students, particularly international students, reading the Bible with them and sharing God’s word with others. Saleh is married to Pamela and they have one son. His other loves are soccer, coffee, table tennis and cheesecake. .


Melinda is married to Steve. She loves cooking and hospitality and loves meeting up with girls from MCU to read the Bible, pray and share some good coffee and cake. Girls, make the most of Melinda – you’ll learn heaps about being a Christian mum and how to use hospitality to serve the Lord (and you’ll pick up a couple of great recipes along the way!). Guys, make the most of her food! Melinda helps MCU as a volunteer, and you’ll get to meet her at some of the MCU events on campus and at social events at Steve and Melinda’s house through the year.

Get to know our Staffworkers/Chaplains. They are God’s gift to MCU.

PS – If you would like to financially support Steve, Saleh and Celeste, please click here to download a form to fill in and send off, or here to give online. Staffworkers always need financial support, so please be generous :-)