At the beginning of each year (around the second week in February), MCU, along with the other CU groups across Perth, run KICKSTART! – a camp for Christian students who will be attending any of the 5 Perth Universities.

KICKSTART has been running for over 20 years and is still the best way to start uni life as a Christian.

It is aimed primarily at Christians who have just finished year 12 and who are coming to uni for the first time. It is designed to help them think about their time ahead at uni from a Christian perspective. It is sort of like an ‘Pre-Orientation Day Orientation’ for first year Christians!

Uni will throw up lots of challenges for Christians but Kickstart will enable 1st years to hit the ground running.

Second, third, and fourth year students are also encouraged to attend for the sake of the 1st year students, so you can get to know them and pick their brains.

Ask anyone who went to Kickstart as a first year and they will tell you how amazingly helpful it was to be able to meet Christian students from the campus they will be attending.

If you are a first year going to any of the uni’s in Perth – please get to Kickstart – you’ll love it, and you’ll meet lots of new friends.

If you know a Christian who is heading to uni, please encourage them to go to this camp.

Here’s the Kickstart web site for more info.

If you know of anyone who is in year 12 this year and would like some info to be able to give them about Kickstart next year, please contact us (info @ mcu . org . au)

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