Won’t I be too busy to get involved with MCU?

You’ll find that you actually have lots of gaps in your timetable which makes joining in with MCU things very easy.

Every year, students from across the spectrum of faculties ranging from Vet, Nursing, Chiro and other science courses at the ‘intensive’ end of the scale to some of the more, umm, ‘relaxed’ courses (which shall remain nameless!) get involved.

The old saying “you’ll never find time for anything – you have to make time!” applies to MCU as well.

As you already know with other things in your life, if you ‘lock it in’ to your weekly routine, you will have no trouble fitting in your uni stuff and MCU activities.

Make the decision to join in with MCU stuff and you’ll find that MCU can easily fit into your life. Honestly!

Come and talk to the upper year students already involved with MCU and listen to what they say.

MCU really is a bonus to your uni life!

See you soon :)