I’m involved at church, why do things with MCU as well?

There are no ‘compartments’ to your Christian life – you are a Christian wherever you are (Romans 12:1-2). You don’t press ‘pause’ while you’re at uni and press ‘play’ again when you’re at church events or with church friends (or at least we hope you don’t!).

MCU doesn’t replace your involvement at your church. MCU is a bonus to your Christian life. MCU will ‘value add’ to your Christian expereince – you’ll meet lots of new people, enjoy wonderful new friendships, you’ll be encouraged and challenged and, through your involvement and input, you’ll also encourage and spur others on. You will be blessed and be a blessing. You’ll actually discover that your church life will be enhanced because you’ve been involved with MCU at uni.

Also, univesity is a place for thinking hard about the subjects you are studying in your course, but is also a great place to think deeply about God and His ways. University will test you and your Christian faith in many ways. MCU will develop your ‘spiritual muscles’ so that you’ll not just survive your time at uni, but thrive and grow as a well-thought-out Christian ready for the workplace and for life in 21st century Australia.

MCU can do this so well because we’re at a similar stage of life, around the same age, wrestling with similar issues, and at the same uni.

Join in-you won’t regret it!