Doesn’t ‘inter-denominational’ mean you’re a bit ‘dodgy’?

Every Christian goes to a local church. Local churches come in a wide variety of ‘flavours’ or denominations. Although there is a diversity in things like musical style, church government, how often you have communion, etc., those things are what the Bible describes as disputable matters – ie. not the most important stuff. True Christian unity, however, is in the essentials of Biblical Christianity – those things that the Bible says that a person must wholeheartedly agree with in order to be called a genuine Christian.

MCU is an ‘evangelical’ group. The word ‘evangelical’ is regularly misused in the media. ‘Evangelical’ simply means we are committed to the Biblical ‘gospel’: salvation by faith alone, in Christ alone, through grace alone, as clearly taught in the Bible alone. Every evangelical Christian and evangelical church will share the same convictions as us.

So…MCU is inter-denominational, multi-denominational, and non-denominational – all at the same time! We are a ‘para-church’ (ie ‘along-side’ churches) group. We are an evangelical club on campus – we are not a church.We are united in our fellowship in Christ because of the gospel. Murdoch – Christians – United!

Having said that, it’s always wise to be sure of who any Christian group is, so, if you still aren’t quite sure of who we are, we invite you to read ‘What we believe’  then perhaps contact someone to ask some more questions and to come along to one of our events. You’ll find a group of students just like you discussing what the Bible says and how it should be lived out. Please come along even if you just want to have a look.