MCU = Murdoch Christians United!

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MCU is a group of Christians from lots of different churches who are studying at Murdoch University who know that getting together with other Christians while we are here at uni is fantastic!

We are MURDOCH students. We are CHRISTIANS. We are UNITED in Christ.

MCU is run by Murdoch students, for Murdoch students, and has been on campus since Murdoch University started in 1975. 

We are…

  • Christian students,
  • from churches all over Perth,
  • meeting together on campus during some of the gaps in our timetables,
  • to encourage each other,
  • to stay strong as Christians, and
  • to speak to other students about Jesus.

Why join in?

Ultimately, if you’re a Christian, you already belong to every other Christian at Murdoch! We are brothers and sisters, we are family – all adopted by our loving Heavenly Father. So, getting together with other Christians at Murdoch is the most natural and logical thing to do. (It could be put the other way round…Why wouldn’t you want to connect with other Christians while you’re at uni?)

Secondly, there will be times when what you study will directly impact your own beliefs. Regularly, Christianity in particular is openly critiqued by lecturers and tutors. Getting involved with other Christians on campus provides you with vital peer support as you think and discuss a Christian response to your studies.

Finally, Uni is a place full of students who don’t know Jesus. Uni students are at a time of life when they are thinking about what life is really all about. Talking to others about Jesus is hard to do on your own, so being part of a group of students thinking, praying and planning together is of great help.

How can MCU help you?

1. We provide support in the Uni environment;
2. We encourage and help you to think deeply about Christianity at Uni;
3. We provide lots opportunities on campus – to learn, serve & be trained.
4. We have lots of fun together while we do it!   

Please get in touch as soon as you can – we’re looking forward to meeting you :)