Murdoch Village Christians

melting-smallThe Murdoch Village is in many ways a melting pot of people from around the world, around Australia and around WA. People come together and share life, food, experiences, stories, and ideas. It’s fantastic!

MCU in the Village is also a melting pot. MCU International brings together people from diverse backgrounds and countries who, as well as sharing life, food, experiences, stories, and ideas, also share a common unity in the Lord Jesus Christ.

We get together for friendship, support and encouragement as Christians, but also to grow in our relationship with God. As well as this ‘inward’ benefit, MCU wants to help other interested people to hear about Jesus and be given an opportunity to seriously consider the truth that He is the ‘King of Kings and Lord of Lords’. Therefore, we also have an ‘outward’ focus. We pray for our friends and want to help people come to understand the Good News that all people can be made right with God again by trusting in Jesus and what he did for them on the cross.

Many Village residents come from countries where Christianity is marginalised or even underground, so MCU can give these people perhaps their first ever opportunity to read the Bible, discuss Christianity or even meet a real Christian! We have a wonderful privilege in the Village.

Come along to MCU International – you won’t regret it!

Please contact us:  village (at) mcu (dot) org (dot) au ) or Steve 0414 862 141

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MurdochVillage Christians

WHEN: Every Tuesday

TIME:  7:30– 9:00pm

WHERE:  Contact us for the venue