MCU Getaway
The annual MCU Getaway is on again in the first non-teaching break in Semester 1. Come and join us as we head north for 3 days of fun and relaxation by the beach in a very large, 2 storey, air-conditioned house with lots of rooms and heaps of beds. It’s a great time to get to know people and just enjoy a break from the routine of uni, not to mention a great way to avoid study!* All for a bargain price.
 It’s not an ‘organised camp’ – just some MCU students getting away from Perth to hang out and chill out. Among other things, there will be movie nights, cards, board games, swimming, fishing, long walks along the beautiful beaches, great food, yummy snacks and great conversations while we do it all. It’s up to you what you want to do. 

We’ll have more info soon. Spaces may be tight this year, so get in early. Not to be missed!

*There is plenty of time and space for you to do study if you do need to get some work done, so don’t worry!

. . . .

info @ mcu . org . au