What do you really know about Christianity?

Was the last time someone tried to explain Christianity to you when you were 10 years old in primary school? Have you seriously investigated Jesus as a careful, thoughtful, university under-graduate adult?

Is all you know about Christianity what your non-Christian family and friends have told you?

Are you basing what you know about Christianity on what your current religious leaders or culture have taught you, or from TV shows, soap operas, random websites and Facebook posts?

Please don’t feel embarrassed if you do! Most people have a view of Christianity that they’ve either made up to suit themselves, or a false view that they have had passed on to them from people who aren’t Christians and don’t know what the Bible says, or have twisted the Bible to make it support their religion or what they believe.

If you are going to reject Christianity, please make sure you are rejecting the real thing, not a half-baked, dodgy version passed off as the real thing!

Do you want to separate the myths, hype and error from the truth? If you do, then we would be pleased to help you. There are various options for you:

  • borrow a book explaining Christianity;
  • we can give you a Bible, the New Testament, or one of the biographies (gospels) of the life of Jesus;
  • you can meet with a genuine Christian in Walter’s Cafe, at the Ref/Food Court, under a tree or down at the Tav and have a chat and ask your questions;
  • we run a short course for the curious (and the sceptical!) called ‘Simply Christianity’. Over 5 short sessions you will look at Luke – one of the biographies of the life of Jesus in the New Testament. You can ask questions or say nothing, it is up to you! At the end of the 5 sessions you will be absolutely clear about what Christianity is (and isn’t!) all about;
  • Come to our Campus Bible Talk on Thursday’s at 12:30 and hear someone teach from the Bible for yourself. MCU is committed to being faithful to what the text of the Bible actually says. MCU’s Campus Bible Talk is for anyone at Murdoch University to come along to, Christian or not Christian.  Although your first (and perfectly normal) reaction to the thought of turning up to a room full of Christians is either fear or apprehension or even “Yeah…right…as if!”, we want to encourage you to do it anyway.  You will find a group of Murdoch University students (you might recognise some of them from around the campus) who have thought about Christianity and have decided that it is true. You may also discover that there are others there who are also investigating Christianity and are prepared to look carefully at the Bible and discuss it with others or to listen to a talk from the Bible. 

Come along – you will be very welcome. 

Are you a LECTURER and would like to be clear about what you are going to teach your students about Christianity? It is vital that you do not misrepresent what the Bible teaches. We are constantly hearing about lecturers who are presenting incorrect information about what the Bible actually says. This is offensive to Christians, and compromises your integrity as a lecturer. If you would like to talk with someone to discuss what the Bible says about something or to be clear about an issue, please contact us. We would be happy to be of assistance to you.

Are you a STUDENT and have heard a lecturer misrepresent Christianity? We are committed to the truth. We also want to help lecturers have a correct understanding of Biblical Christianity. Please tell them that what they said was not correct according to the Bible, and offer to meet with them to show them what the Bible actually says. If that sounds too scary, and you would like someone to be with you when you talk with your lecturer, please let us know and we’ll help you.

. . . .

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