The Murdoch Guild of Students


MCU is affiliated with the Murdoch Guild of Students ( and has been for decades.
MCU first met on campus in Semester 1, 1975 which makes Murdoch Christian Union one of the oldest Clubs at Murdoch University (if not the oldest).

Since its foundation in 1975, Murdoch University has always had the Murdoch Christian Union as part of its vibrant student life.

MCU is run by Murdoch students, for Murdoch students. We are just like any other Guild Affiliated Club on campus, except the thing we are passionate about is knowing Jesus and making Him known at Murdoch University!

We are one of the most active clubs on campus, and are committed to being an active part of the colourful atmosphere at Murdoch.

In an age when materialism dominates the lives of people (even Universities themselves are under pressure to perform like businesses), MCU has a role to play in the life and culture of University to encourage people to seriously think about the bigger issues of life.

We are committed to helping people think about deeper concepts like life and death, forgiveness, grace, love, mercy, kindness, reconciliation, etc.  All these are things are taught in the Bible and demonstrated in the words and actions of Jesus.

MCU – Proclaiming Jesus on campus!


MCU is a Guild Affiliated Club and has been since 1975. We are one of the founding clubs at Murdoch University. All MCU events are open to anyone and everyone…no strings attached! Membership is the formal way to join MCU. Although membership is optional, we encourage membership for the following reasons:

  • Becoming a member of MCU says that you agree with what we are ‘on about’ and want to officially identify with us.
  • MCU, like all other clubs at Murdoch Uni, is lead by an elected Student Committee each year. Only members are able to vote. Membership also enables you to serve on our Committee if you would like to.
  • Membership only costs $5.00 per year. This provides some funds to cover our costs like photocopying, posters, New Testaments and Bibles (to give away), bible study material, etc. We still need to raise other funds through the year to cover our costs and provided the resources we need. Please remember that we are a student club – we have no other source of income! Membership is really important. Please see the $5 as a way of contributing to ministry at Murdoch University.
  • As far as the bigger picture goes, MCU Membership also helps our ‘presence’ on Murdoch University. As a ‘Guild Affiliated  Club’, we are able to function in the wider campus life at Murdoch. We are able to have a public presence through our stall each week which is great for contacting Christians and interested non-Christians. However, in order to be an ‘Affiliated Club’ with the Guild of Students, we need to meet certain criteria – one of which is that we have a specific number of students as official members (of MCU and the Guild). By joining as a member, you are also helping our ‘voice on campus’. It is a good investment!
  • We also encourage everyone to join the Murdoch University Student Guild who do a great job of trying to get some student life back into Murdoch University.