Organised Fun Stuff

Every semester, we organise and adverstise all sorts of fun activities to enable MCU-ers to hang out for extended times to get to know each other better and deepen our friendships.

MCU is committed to making your time at Uni one of the best times of your life. Lifelong friendships are made every year through MCU and the interaction we have with each other and the other Christian Unions at the other Perth Universities.

In addition to all the things we do on campus through the semester, the committee also puts on several social events where we can hang out together in a different context and have more time to get to know others from MCU. We really encourage you to come along, not only for what you can gain from these events, but so that others can get to know you to!

We try to put events on at different times and days so that the most number of people can come.

Stay tuned to the MCU Weekly Update email to find out what we’ve got planned.