Murdoch Village


If you are a Christian, or someone interested in finding out more about the Bible and Christianity, and you live in the Village, then MCU International is just for you!

MCU International includes people from a wide variety of places from around the world and around Australia and want to make the most of our time living in the Village to make new friends, learn about what God teaches us in his Word, the Bible, and think deeply about Jesus as both Lord and Saviour.  We are also known for having lots of fun and laughter together and eating some great food too! MCU is a great place for you to practice your English as well! Everyone is welcome.

MCU International is a more ‘easy English’ group to help you if English isn’t your first language.
It’s ideal for Christians and those interested in discovering more about Jesus, the Bible, Christianity, etc.

Please come along, we’d love to meet you :)

MCU International

WHEN: Every week

Contact us for details

See you soon!

email us    village at mcu org au