MCU is a group of Christians from lots of different churches who are studying at Murdoch University who know that getting together with other Christians during some of the gaps in our timetables while we are here at uni is fantastic!

We are MURDOCH students. We are CHRISTIANS. We are UNITED in Christ.

MCU is run by Murdoch students, for Murdoch students. MCU has been active on campus ever since Murdoch University began, way back in 1975.

Why do we exist?

– to encourage each other as uni students, at uni;

– to help Christians grow strong and stay strong in their faith;

– to help other Murdoch students investigate Christ.

Why join in?

Ultimately, if you’re a Christian, you already belong to every other Christian at Murdoch! We’re brothers and sisters…we’re family…we’ve all been adopted by our loving heavenly Father. So, getting together with other Christians at Murdoch is the most natural and logical thing to do.

It could be put the other way round…why wouldn’t you want to join in?!

Secondly, there will be times when what you study will directly impact your own beliefs. Regularly, Christianity in particular is openly critiqued by lecturers and tutors. Getting involved with other Christians on campus provides you with vital network of support as you think and discuss a Christian response to your studies.

Finally, Murdoch Uni is a place full of students who don’t know Jesus. Uni students are at a time of life when they are thinking about what life is really all about. We want them to find ‘life to the full’ in Jesus. Talking to others about Jesus is hard to do on your own, so being part of a group of students thinking, planning, praying, encouraging, and sharing together will really help you.


1. We provide support and friendship on campus;

2. We encourage and help you to think deeply about Christianity at Uni;

3. We provide lots opportunities on campus – to learn, serve & be trained.

4. We have lots of fun together while we do it!

Come along and have a look at MCU—you’ll be glad you did!


The MCU Student Committee

Every Guild Affiliated Club must have an active Committee (with certain membership and ‘office bearing’ requirements) in order to exist publicly on campus. Like you, we are all current students at Murdoch.

This year’s Committee was elected by MCU students at the end of last year, and there will be an election at the end of this year to elect next year’s Committee.

Basically, the Committee oversees the running of MCU and sets out to make sure all the things God wants us to do at Murdoch University gets done!

We have a President, a Vice-President, a Treasurer, and a Secretary (these are the official ‘Executive office bearers’), as well as General Members.

The Murdoch Guild of Students

MCU is affiliated with The Guild ( and has been for decades.

MCU first met on campus way back in Semester 1, 1975 – which makes Murdoch Christian Union one of the oldest Clubs at Murdoch University (if not the oldest).

Since its foundation in 1975, Murdoch University has always had the Murdoch Christian Union as part of its vibrant student life.

MCU is run by Murdoch students, for Murdoch students. We are just like any other Guild Affiliated Club on campus, except the thing we are passionate about is knowing Jesus and helping other students at Murdoch University come to investigate and put their hope in Him!

We are one of the most active clubs on campus, and are committed to being an active part of the colourful atmosphere at Murdoch. We are proud to be part of ‘the marketplace of ideas’ on campus. We totally agree with Murdoch University’s motto: ‘Free Your Think’.

In an age when materialism dominates the lives of people (even Universities themselves are under pressure to perform like businesses), MCU has a role to play in the life and culture of the University to encourage people to seriously think about the bigger issues of life.

We are committed to helping people think about deeper concepts like life and death, forgiveness, grace, love, mercy, kindness, reconciliation, etc. All these are things are taught in the Bible and demonstrated in the words and actions of Jesus.

MCU … Thoughtfully, lovingly, faithfully, proclaiming Jesus on campus.

Our National and International links

Groups just like MCU exist in Universities across Perth, around Australia, and internationally.

We are affiliated with the Australian Fellowship of Evangelical Students (AFES) and the International Fellowship of Evangelical Students (IFES). see +

By the way… the word ‘evangelical‘ does NOT mean ‘votes Republican’! It’s from a Greek word which gets translated as ‘gospel‘ and means ‘Massive news!’ The Christian gospel – the evangel – is the massive news of who Jesus is and what he has done for humanity through his death on the cross (Saviour) and resurrection to life (Lord). This gospel is found in the pages of the Bible. Why not read one of the four Gospels for yourself?

Our Chaplains/Staffworkers

Just as Crusty the Clown has Sideshow Bob and Batman has Robin, so MCU has ‘Staffworkers’! Staffworkers are here to help us at MCU. They are our ‘Visiting Chaplains’.

In Biblical terms, Ephesians 4:11-12 is where they come in! They are here to help us students to be equipped to serve Jesus at Murdoch University. We are partners together. MCU invites them to help us, mentor us, pastorally care for us, train us, support us, and encourage us to stand strong as Christians at uni and to reach out to our campus. They are resources for MCU to use.

Staffworkers are not paid by any denomination or church. Rather, individuals, friends, and graduates financially support them by giving through AFES ( so that they can be on campus with us. It is so good to have Bible-College trained Chaplains helping us day by day.


Steve McKerney has been our very own full-time Staffworker/Chaplain since just after the turn of the century! We invite Steve to do Campus Bible Talks, arrange guest speakers, and train us in things like how to explain Christianity to other people, how to prepare a Bible study, etc. His brain regularly gets rummaged as he is asked ‘all questions great and small’. He became a Christian at the age of 23 after reading Luke’s gospel and investigating the claims of Jesus in the Bible. Ever since becoming a Christian, Steve has wanted to help other people understand the good news. He is married to Melinda and has 4 sons. He really enjoys a Thai Green Curry, soccer, movies, music, and watches.


Ann Moseley worked as a high school Science, Physics, and Chemistry teacher and is now our very own Staffworker. She’s married to Ash, has two small children (and a dog and some chickens), and loves the gospel, the Bible, and MCU students – especially the MCU girls who she wants to encourage, support, and train so they can live lives to the full.

Get to know our Chaplains. They are God’s gift to MCU.

PS – If you would like to financially support Steve or Ann, please click here to give online. Our Chaplains always need financial support, so please be generous.